First, do yourself a favor and don't Google it! Why?  Well, first you'll read about possible causes that will give you nightmares, like "Do I have silverfish living in my belly button?" No, you don't, well maybe you do, but it's unlikely.  What is silverfish anyway?  Next, you'll find solutions such as ironing on a patch inside each of your shirts.  This will totally work, if you have the time and like the look that creates.  But you don't. 

The holes in your shirts are caused by the sewn together corners of your jeans surrounding the button hole area.  When you put on a seatbelt, lean against a counter, hold a kid or basically move at all, the shirt rubs on the jeans and the fibers start to tear. You might think it's just the button, but it's not.  It's the whole dang area. 

These shirts with holes break our hearts.  They end up donated or in land fills. They waste our money and our time and ruin our environment. 

The Jeanie Clip protects your tee from that area.  While it can't protect from external factors like doing the fish on pavement, it can protect from the inside out, saving all of us, money, time and heartbreak.