Below are frequently asked questions, you may find the answer for yourself

  • Do the CLIPs fit on all jean buttons?

    The Jeanie Clip fits onto buttons up to .30 inches.  You want the CLIP to be secure.  If the button is too big, it could pop off.  The CLIP size was determined based on a standard metal denim button that is used on most denim brands.  There are some brands who use a bigger button that may not fit.

  • Do the CLIPs work on two button jeans?

    You can try clipping on to the top button.  It will depend on if the second button interferes with the CLIP and how it lies.

  • Do the CLIPs work with belts?

    The CLIPs are not intended to be used with belts.

  • What color CLIP should I get?

    Think of the plain CLIP’s as your favorite bra under a white tee shirt and match them to the color denim you are wearing.  This will make them less noticeable and discreet.  Prints are awesome for wearing with a shirt tucked around them or even tucked in.  Think of them as “jean jewelry” but they can also go under any shirt.

  • How do I use the restroom when I’m wearing a CLIP? 

    This is a fair question we get often!  Just like having your phone in the restroom, you can put it in your pocket or your purse. Then CLIP and carry on.

  • How big are these CLIPs?

    They are 1.74 inches in diameter.  This is the average size of the button area on jeans and the right size to cover the issues that can cause holes.

  • How many CLIPs do I need?

    One of each to match all of your clothes!

  • How much money will this save me?

    That depends on how many shirts you’ve ruined.  A $12 investment to prevent $100’s of dollars of damaged clothing seems like a worthy spend!

  • Return Policy

    If you are unsatisfied with  your CLIP for any reason, please email us at info@jeanieclip.com.  We will send you and RA# and the address to ship back to.  Return shipping is the responsibility of the customer.