About us

Jeanie Clip was created by our Founder + CEO, Jessica Patterson.

When my son was born, I quit my job to stay home with him. My "mom uniform” became jeans and tee’s on the daily and I couldn’t have been happier to not be in heels everyday. Then I started seeing these holes appear in my shirts?! It didn’t matter if the shirts were expensive or $9. The holes were always in the front belly area. Now, I’ll be the first to admit, there is a lot going on down there when you start to pay attention. You have seatbelts, counters, baby legs, tummy time, carseat carriers and more. While the holes were consistent, the activity in that area wasn't.  I found a lot of people were talking about the same problem on the internet.

After extensive research, the common factor was the seamed corner edge of jeans rubbing against those shirt fibers, tearing them up and creating holes.  Add on any external activity pressing the shirts against this area, and you've got double the trouble. 

Suddenly, I found my stay-at-home self designing a product to combat holes and cover this harsh area of denim. I love jeans and wanted to make sure this was something that would fit all different brands but also be something fashionable that I would wear myself. After designing the clip,  I started the patent process. Jeanie Clips are the only patented solution to this problem. They carry 2 United States patents and multiple international patents. 

We are proud of the Clip we make and it’s time to let the world know how to really solve this problem!

Creating a business around a product I believe in, and helping others believe in themselves, that’s our goal here. Jeanie Clip is a small, 100% woman owned business who chooses community over competition. As we grow, it’s our mission to help bring invention and possibility to people who have ideas. 

Please join us in educating our friends, sisters, mothers and brothers on how to prevent Holey Shirts!!!


Jessica Patterson
CEO + Founder of Jeanie Clip