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Save yourself the frustration of annoying shirt holes!

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Think of all the shirts you’ve thrown away because they have holes in the front of them. Holes in clothes are a problem, big time now! Think of all of the time, money, and frustration wasted on this problem. But can this problem be prevented? You’ve heard your friends, your sisters, and your mom wondering why their new shirts are ruined. You’ve seen influencers complaining about it. You’ve seen shirts come out of the wash with mysterious holes in them. End the frustration! Save your money! Keep shirts out of landfills. Solve the problems with the click of a Jeanie Clip!
Why do shirts always get holes in the front? Does this happen to you? Millions of people are talking about this problem online, wanting to know, “why does this happen to me??” Holes in clothes don’t come out of nowhere! They are caused by the corner seam of our jeans and pants rubbing against the fibers of our favorite shirts. Some experts suggest wearing thicker shirts, but who wants to do that? Keep wearing your thinner shirts, but protect them with a Jeanie Clip. Jeanie Clip has come up with button covers to prevent holes in shirts. They click onto the metal button of your jeans and cover the abrasive area that causes those holes in your clothes.
...  Jeanie clips are made of smooth and durable plastic which will provide a buffer and hence no holes in clothes. They come in several colors and fun patterns! You can match them to the color of your denim for a discreet look, or mix in the fun patterns, for a more stylish look. The clip is flexible and designed to fit most jean buttons. It is the only patented product designed to prevent the tearing of your shirt fibers and prevent holes. Not only do Jeanie clip button covers prevent holes in shirts but also, they are designed to be discreet and match the color of your favorite denim. The solid clips come in blue, black, and white. The patterns are discreet but add an extra level of style to your outfit. They clip on and off easily, so you don’t have to worry about using the restroom! You will want to collect them in every color for all of your denim options and your beautiful blouses. Speaking of the blouse, do you still have holes in clothes, and they are sitting idle in the back of your wardrobe? If yes, you have to do some button cover shopping! Be on-trend with our newest prints!
Jeanie Clips come in a neutral snakeskin, a geometric blueprint, zebra, and leopard. They look great styled with your favorite shirts and denim. Wear them with an untucked shirt, or tuck your shirt around the clip and show it off. It is like a designer belt buckle without the belt! Think of them as jewelry for your jeans. And most importantly, say bye-bye to those holes in clothes.

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